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June 22, 2008 Walk to the Lake (with PICTURES)

There’s a lake not far from me, and walking there is both good exercise and a chance to survey the plants and geology of the region. Plus, it’s gorgeous:

Walking to the lake was also a chance to try out my new GPS toy, so that’s exciting. The test wasn’t completely successful, mostly because I didn’t realize that my camera was still on standard time and the satellites are on new time, but that’s why this was a practice run.

I’ve been to the lake before – twice so far – but this was the first time I took a full lap around it. Turns out it’s bigger than it looks. Or maybe that’s just because I was taking pictures every minute or two, in order to create a GIS map of the lake. Well, if everything worked out, that’s what I’d have done. In order to see the map, though, I need internet access – it works off of Google maps – so I’ll check it out during my next trip to SouqTown…bringing my laptop will also give me a chance to update my antivirus protections, so that’s a good thing, and will stop my utility from whining at me whenever I turn it on.

In any event, between my shutterbugging and my walking the full perimeter of the lake, I ended up spending two hours by the waterside. It’s really a beautiful area, and I’m glad I took the time. I also gathered some plant specimens, learned the properties of some medicinal herbs from my new friend Malika (who asked me to return sometime when I wasn’t racing the sunset, so she could make me tea and teach me more!), and analyzed some rocks (there was a xenolith-bearing basalt! Plus lots of gorgeous folds and faults – this is the High Atlas, after all; you can’t throw a rock hammer without hitting a fault or fold), so all in all, it was an excellent Sunday afternoon. :D

Here’s one of my favorite shots from the day:

Looks like a volcano, doesn’t it? I haven’t walked it yet – hope to some time this week – but I’m pretty sure it’s sedimentary, all the way up. Gorgeous shape, though. I love the colors of the red rocks, blue water, and green and gold marsh grasses. The water really is that blue…looks like the Caribbean.

I was hoping to post a bunch more pictures of flora and fauna, but uploading the pix is really draining my laptop's battery (and taking forever!) so I think I'll save those for next time. I'm glad I've figured out how to do it, though! :)


  1. That's gorgeous! And you live just a short walk away? Amazing. I'm planning to spend way too much money to get away and find a place that beautiful for vacation.

    I'll be interested to know what you find about the formation of that volcano-looking mountain.


  2. Matt! :D

    It's about an hour walk there, 45 min back. (It's ~5km, all uphill / downhill depending which way you're going.)

    And I'll post more pictures today!

    Thanks for reading my blog! :D


Think local. Act global. Learn more about the Peace Corps