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1/17/10 Beautiful Berberville

Walking back from my host family's house, I looked at the alpenglow tinting the mountains dusky rose and thought, "Wow, I live in a beautiful place."

It's easier to appreciate now, in the winter, when barren hillsides are to be expected. Mid-summer, when the only thing green is the irrigated fields, it's easier to mourn the brown hillsides and naked slopes.

But a few days after a snowfall, when the intense sunlight has melted moire patterns onto the mountainsides, I look unto the hills and my heart catches with a glow of pure aesthetic joy.

I didn't have my camera with me, but here's a picture I took last year that captures it:

And since my internet connection is behaving, I'll upload some more. Here are some pictures I took at sunset, a few days later, from my roof:

Here's the same hillside from the first picture, taken about a year after the shot above (funny how some things don't change):

That's my view to the south. Looking east, I see this:

...and looking west, I see this:

Yes, that's the same mountain range you saw in the shot a few pictures above. This was just four minutes later, and already most of the blue is gone from the sky, but the colors on the clouds are even more intense...

Yeah, my site is beautiful. :D

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Think local. Act global. Learn more about the Peace Corps