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8/18/10 Yuf Kauthar

A few days ago, I spoke to my host mother for only the second time since leaving Morocco.

I miss her.

And she misses me.

My little brothers and sisters mostly miss my cookies. :) Or at least, so Ama tells me. "They like Hassan [my replacement Volunteer]," she assured me, "but they liked you better. He doesn't bake us cookies. They miss your cookies.

"Today," she continued, "Mohammed [my oldest brother] was reminding me that when you came for l-ftor, you always brought cookies. Usually chocolate chip cookies, and sometimes ones you bought in Souqtown. 'Kauthar was better than Hassan is,' he said. 'Her cookies were great.'"

We shared a laugh. I confess I felt a little smug that, while Hassan has moved into my old bedroom in Ama's house, and my old apartment on the other side of town, he hasn't completely supplanted me in the hearts of my family members.

But if he figures out my secret chocolate-chip cookie recipe, that may change... ;)


  1. He might, some day replace you cookie-wise, but no one can replace you in the give-your-heart category.

  2. Fine, I'll make them some damn cookies...

  3. And, I'll have you know, I make DAMN FINE cookies. They have no idea, just how good this boy can cook... *muttering*... At least SAID likes me!

  4. @Margy - Thanks. :)

    @Charlie - I'm glad your cookies were a hit. But they better still love me. At least a little.


Think local. Act global. Learn more about the Peace Corps