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Peace Corps Invitee!

This morning's Peace Corps Status Update:

Congratulations! You have accepted an invitation to serve in Morocco.
You will soon be receiving additional information from your country desk, the travel office, and the office of staging about preparing for service.

So...the clock is officially ticking. I'll be "staging" - PeaceCorpsSpeak for "all gathered together and getting ready to get on the plane" - March 1st and 2nd. March 3rd I'll be airborne, and March 4th I'll be in Morocco. Exactly where remains a bit of a mystery. We'll be in the capital for the first few days, and then will spend the next 11 weeks ... somewhere ... not too far away.

They say that the geographical uncertainty is a safety measure. If nobody knows where the Americans will be clustered, nobody can target them. Us. I understand that, but it does make planning (and packing!) a bit of a challenge. Out of respect for their wishes on this, though, I'll be keeping the geography pretty vague, even as I learn more. I might refer to mountains or deserts or oceans or towns, but I'll try to avoid proper nouns or identifying details, at least on the blog*. As you may have noticed, I also avoid using proper nouns identifying people. :)

Anyway, after the 11 weeks in the undisclosed training location, I'll get my actual assignment. I'll know where I'm going, with whom I'll be working, and hopefully even have a permanent mailing address. Where I can receive packages. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. :D I will have a mailing address during training, but they've asked us not to have packages sent there. Of course, letters are always welcome. :)

* If you want details, shoot me an email. If you don't know my email, you don't get the details.

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