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Pre - Peace Corps Timeline, continued.

Early December - Official letter arrives, requesting more medical stuff. I need to redo some bloodwork (aka another chance to feel like a pincushion) and get the MMR booster. Most folks get an MMR booster in their teens or 20s because they got the first one as a newborn. Me, I got the first MMR three months ago. Does it really need to be boosted? Peace Corps says yes.

December 18 - MMR booster.

December 22 - Pincushion time. :( A couple hours later, I hop on a plane to go home for Christmas. :D

January 2 - I'm back from Christmas. I check the results of the bloodwork: I'm all good. :D

January 3 - My placement officer calls me. I tell her I've got everything, and am about to mail it. She says, "Fax it. I'll call them and ask them to fast-track the review. I can't invite you after January 21, so..." I fax it. The fax machine takes five tries before it finally goes through (as it usually does). Big sigh. :)

January 7 - Peace Corps Status Update: I'm finally medically cleared. Yeee-hah.

January 8 - Peace Corps Status Update: My package is in the mail. They'd overnighted it on the 7th, and it arrived not long after the email update did. :D I'm officially invited into the Peace Corps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Turns out I'm headed for Morocco, not Jordan. I'll be doing Environmental Education work, as'll just be a little further removed from Jerusalem, and with differently-accented Arabic. I tell myself that this can be a good thing.

January 9 - I call my placement officer and accept the invitation. Time to begin informing family, friends, colleagues, random strangers... I'm going to Morocco!

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