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Going away parties

I should leave the country more often. It's a great way to flush the luv out from the underbrush of propriety and social mores. :D

Seriously, I've received more hugs, free meals, and spontaneous expressions of affection in the past week than in most months. :) Here's a quick rundown:

2.08.08 - Taken out for dinner and hugs. (Zola - American fusion)
2.13.08 - Given a gorgeous picture frame and hugs.
2.14.08 - Taken out for lunch and hugs. (Capital City Brewing - American)
2.15.08 - Taken out for lunch and hugs and kisses. (Lugiano's - Italian)
- Visited friends at their home, given a goodbye pashmina and dinner (and hugs).
2.16.08 - Taken out on the town (and by "the town", I mean New York City) for karaoke and dinner (Acapella - Italian). Received hugs and kisses from my friend *and* half the wait staff. Affectionate people, New Yorkers. ;)
2.17.08 - Taken out for lunch, dress shopping, a movie, and many, many hugs.
- Taken out for dinner and hugs. (El Paso - Mexican)
2.18.08 - Taken out for lunch (Tao - Chinese) and the Zoo. And hugs.
2.20.08 - Taken out for brunch and hugs. (Panera - Soup/Sandwich Shop)
- Gave away snake, received fourteen (or so) hugs from long-lost friends. Good trade!
- Given going-away ice cream party and eclipse viewing and *lots* of hugs.
2.21.08 - Given help with packing ... and hugs.
- Taken out for dinner and hugs and kisses. (Eggspectations - Breakfast food all day) Given awesome wallet card commemorating amazing women.
2.22.08 - Taken out for breakfast and hugs. (Eggspectations - yes, it's that good)
- Given balloon and hugs.
2.23.08 - Given breakfast, pamphlet, and hugs.
- Given dinner and hugs. (Thanks, Mom!)
2.24.08 - Lots and lots of hugs.

My effort to avoid names is being strained by this post. But I realize that, if you're one of the people involved, you know who you are, and if you're not, it doesn't make much difference which friend did which thing. So ... my friends are totally, utterly, and undeniably **awesome**. Thank you all. :)

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