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Location update!

Yeah! I have more information! One fewer question to which I have to answer "I don't know."

As stated before, for the safety of all of the PCVs, our whereabouts are not made publicly available...which also means that they don't tell *us* much about where we're going. But I got an email over the weekend whose attachments I just took a look at, and lo and behold! I learned something new.

In addition to nifty factoids about appropriate presents for our host families and about four iterations of the alcohol policy, they gave us packing advice and logistical information for the first few months:

You will be arriving in [Arrival City]*... Once everyone has cleared customs and luggage has been collected, you will make the bus trip to the initial training site in [Coastal City]. There, the rest of the training staff will greet you, and you will have a chance to unwind, unpack, and relax. Your first three nights in Morocco will be spent in a hotel in [Coastal City]. We ask that you remain in the Hotel from your arrival until the following afternoon, during which time you will receive a briefing by the Regional Security Officer from the US Embassy. After your first three nights, buses will drive you to your Environment Seminar Training site, in [Mountain City]. We recommend that you pack so you can easily access your toiletries and a change of clothes. This will save you from completely unpacking your bags until you arrive at [Mountain City]. Please pack in one of your bags everything you will need from the time you arrive in [Coastal City] until you go to your [Mountain City] (3 days). Expect to be at [Mountain City] for the first week before moving to your Community-Based Training (CBT) site, where you will stay with a host family. The stay with your host family is typically a week to 10 days after which you will return to [Mountain City] for 3-5 days to debrief and participate in group training activities. Because you will be traveling back and forth to your host family site several times during pre-service training, it is advised that in addition to your larger bag(s) you also bring a smaller, lockable bag or suitcase suitable to carry enough clothes for each 7-10 day CBT period. A storage room for your larger bag(s) holding the bulk of your belongings will be available at [Mountain City].

* Out of respect for the Peace Corps' safety procedures, I'm not naming the cities involved on this publicly-accessible blog.

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