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August 5, 2008 Pictures of loved ones

I brought with me a scrapbook and my laptop, both filled with pictures of family and friends. The scrapbook was compiled by a family friend who’s been like a grandmother to me, and includes dozens of pictures of me and my sister from our infancy onwards. My laptop has pictures taken by me and others, mostly showing my friends.

My host family has loved looking through both sets of pictures. They can always recognize me, whatever the angle or the hair style/color (both of which have changed repeatedly, especially during college), and they’re getting good at recognizing my family members, too.

Just now, I was showing Ama the set that I’ve pulled out as friends-and-family highlights, and she kept asking, “Is this one going to come visit you?” “Is that one going to come to Morocco?” All I could answer was, “I hope so,” and “Inshallah.”

Many of you have expressed interest in coming to visit me…I hope you’ll do it. I miss you guys. It’s not usually a painful, active longing (though I’ve had a few moments of that), but just a low-level, background, white-noise kind of hope. And now Ama is adding her invitation to mine. She wants to meet you guys, too. (Plus, she’s the best cook in Morocco – in my opinion and that of the tour groups who have come through our house, all of whom have commented, even out of her hearing, that her food is better than any they’ve had, in restaurants or homestays, in the country – so you’ve *got* to try her food.)

Fall and winter are the best times to visit Morocco, since so much of it is in or near desert. Nobody wants to ride a camel in 140* heat…but in the 80* winter afternoons, it’s lots of fun. :) Also, Morocco’s mountains have wintersports, like skiing and snowshoeing.

So come! Be welcome! Marhaba bikum! :)

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