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12/30 All You Gotta Do is Dance...

(With appologies to Don Henley, whose "All She Wants To Do Is Dance" is now stuck in my head.)

While riding back from SouqTown today, I found myself next to Dancing Man.

Dancing Man is Berberville's resident crazy person. In America, that's an offensive term, but it's what everyone in town uses in reference to him. I have no idea what, if anything, he could actually be certified/diagnosed with, but he's certainly friendly. For a long time I thought he was the town drunk, but I've been assured that he doesn't drink. This is just how he acts.

He shows up at nearly every Ahay Deuce wedding in town, because he loves to dance. Loves it. Loves it! When there's no wedding going on, he's a walking Ahay Deuce dance party. He usually carries an 80's-era boombox over his shoulder, constantly blasting Moroccan dance music. He bobs, he sways, he bounces...this guy has his boogie on. :)

Anyway, today Dancing Man was sitting near me on the tranzit, and was perplexed as to why I was reading the whole way. (Answer: A 4 hour ride is a bloody long way, even along gorgeous snowy mountain passes. Reading makes it go by a lot faster.) He asked me about it. I answered, "Because reading makes me happy!" He accepted this for a while, but about half an hour later, he brought it up again. I gave the same answer.

He responded with a discourse on Life In Morocco. My favorite line: "Sure, read for an hour. Or two. Or three. But that's enough. You need food, too, so spend some time eating. And preparing meals. And then...Dance!"

I couldn't help but grin. As life plans go, that's an awfully good one.

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