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December 3, 2008 Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow! (Imagine the 4-part harmony)

When I woke up this morning, my handy-dandy indoor-outdoor thermometer told me that it was 7° F outside and a balmy 24° F inside. Yeeeeah. A look out my rooftop door showed me that the snow is 8 inches deep, drifting to over a well foot. Hookay.

Now, a few hours later, with my small heater at my side (my new big one isn’t installed yet – I can’t get the butagaz hose to fit around the nozzle on the heater, and I’m not going to fire it up until I’m confident in that seal, which means after a Moroccan does it for me), it’s a roasting 32.7° in here. Balmy, balmy December weather. The snow on my roof is undoubtedly helping to insulate my house at the moment. I’m not sure when it fell – I didn’t go outside yesterday – but it’s awfully pretty. Of course, it means that the dirt roads of Berberville will be muddy swamps today, but that’s why I bought rubber boots. Big, ugly, keep-the-water-out-but-don’t-keep-my-toes-warm rubber boots. I’ll be venturing out to the Hanoot later today – and, if I get my nerve up, the hammam – and I might try the Moroccans’ recommended trick of putting plastic grocery bags inside the boots. Plastic doesn’t breathe, so ideally it’ll keep my toes from losing all their warmth. (Two pairs of wool socks are necessary but not sufficient inside of rubber boots, it turns out. And I’m not yet ready to expose my lovely new Uggs to inches of mud. I waterproofed them thoroughly, but I’m still feeling protective.)

But it’s so pretty! Snow is one of my favorite things. Well, it was when I lived in The Land Of Central Heating, also known as America. We’ll see how much I love it today. My camera and I are going to venture out very soon now…

Nerd moment: It’s 12/3, aka 11/33. Perfect snowfall date. :) The last big storm was on 11/20, but it stuck around till 11/22, so it almost counts. :) OK, off to play in the snow!

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