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2/14/09 Solar Seduction

For Valentine's Day, it seems appropriate to describe my most recent seduction. It was Thursday. I walked the 2k roundtrip to the lycee twice - once at noon, then again at two - and was utterly seduced by the beauty of the day. I scrapped my original plans in favor of a long walk to the lake. As I walked the 5k (uphill, but it's pretty gentle), I found myself in that simultaneously warm-and-cold sensation that always reminds me of skiing. The air is cold, but the sun is warm, and the exertion heats me up from within... It's early February in the mountains - there are still multi-foot snowdrifts along shadowed hillsides - but the sun's whispering, cajoling, teasing, baking rays won me over. I wasn't wearing a coat, because the sun shone so brightly, but I was wearing a thick fleecy sweatshirt...which I unzipped...and finally removed.

By the time I got back to town, friends I passed on the street were all asking, "Aren't you cold??" but I'd cheerfully answer, "No. There's sun. And the sun is good." (This alliterates nicely in Tam: Tlla tafuyt. THla tafuyt."

Sun: 1 Winter: 0
Total kilometers walked: 14 (about 9 miles)
Total number of tea invites: 2
Total number of meal invites: 2

It's a good day. :)

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Think local. Act global. Learn more about the Peace Corps