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9/12/09 Really? Already?

For all the whining I did last winter, there's a lot I didn't record. Like When's the first time you wore long underwear? Or What day did you first fire up your butagaz heater? In fact, I don't remember if I used my little buta heater (inherited from my predecessor) before splurging on my huge, mamba-jamba heater in November. I think I just spent a lot of time wearing coats inside.

So this year, I'm going to document this stuff.

Why bring it up so soon? After all, it's only September - not even Fall yet, technically.

Yeah, but I'm already wearing long underwear. After shivering for over 12 hours straight on Thursday, 9/10, I came home and poured myself into some CuddleDuds(TM). I haven't broken out the polar fleece yet, but I've been wearing sweats over long underwear, with SmartWool(TM) socks, for two days.

(By the way, if CuddleDuds and/or SmartWool want to sponsor this blog, contact me here. Or if you make a competitor product and are willing to send me free stuff, I'm happy to plug you, too.)

Also, this morning, I heated water in a kettle before using it to do the dishes or laundry.

For the record, it's not *that* cold yet. According to my handy-dandy indoor-outdoor thermometer, it's 52 outside and 59 inside. The water temperature is probably somewhere inbetween those two. But it's cold *enough* that long underwear and preheated water make a nice contribution. I could Stoic it out a little longer - that's why I didn't buy a heater till November last year - but what's the point, really? Why be miserable to prove that I Can Take It, when a few small concessions will keep me comfy?

In fact, now that the endless rain has, um, ended (for now), it's gorgeously sunny outside, which means that it feels like 75. It still feels like 59 inside, which is why I'm signing off now. Time to enjoy the fall sun. :)

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