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2/5/10 Peace Corps Partnership Programs

Some of you have asked me, How can I contribute to your community?

Today, that question gets answered. :)

Some of you have asked more generally, How do you fund your work?

That depends.

As a rule, Peace Corps doesn't provide any funding for its Volunteers' projects. What it does do, though, is keep us informed about various NGOs who are interested in funding the kinds of work we do. Peace Corps also provides us access to two sources of funding not available to any other organizations: SPA grants, the Small Project Assistance funds available to Peace Corps Volunteers from USAID, and Peace Corps Partnership Programs (PCPPs).

Peace Corps Partnership Programs are the official way by which YOU, families and friends of Volunteers, get to directly and tangibly contribute to our work. We write up the grant proposals, in partnership with our community members, and once the proposals have been vetted by various PC staff [a breezy phrase glossing over hundreds of hours of work and multiple revisions], they get posted online, for YOU to read and assess. If you think a project looks worthwhile, you get to make a tax-deductible contribution.

So why haven't you hit us up for money before now, Kauthar?

Because the projects that I've done have been funded either in-country or by other PCVs' grants. Also, because I've been focusing on small-scale, sustainable, on-going projects.

But sometimes PCV projects are large-scale, and require outside help.

Like this one, to build an irrigation system for a village about 40km from me. Started by my friend "Brahim", and now finished by "Jamal", this proposal would make it possible for water to be channeled more efficiently into new fields, opening up more apple tree farming - a cash crop that will make an enormous difference in the lives of many local families.

Please read Jamal's eloquent appeal here, and find his official PCPP request here.

And thank you for all the ways you support us! :)

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Think local. Act global. Learn more about the Peace Corps