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3/25/09 Picture Page - Lake at Dawn

About a week and a half ago, the Morocco Country Director and I took a walk out to my lovely lake. We left not long after dawn, and watched golden light pour down the sides of the mountains we walked past.

We got to the lake in about an hour. (It's a 5k walk, all up a gradual incline.) No one was up when we left town, and I got to enjoy the sight of my mountain village in its silent, slumbering calm. We weren't quite the only ones awake - we did pass a shepherd and his sheep as we walked, plus a bouncy shepherd puppy decided to herd us. It ran eager laps around us the whole way up and back, delightedly urging us on.

Out at the lake, it felt like we had the whole world to ourselves. Even the coots (black and white ducks) that live on the lake were still nestled in their nests. I couldn't resist the appeal of the water's mirror-like stillness, so I shot several pictures of my mountains and their reflections. This one looks almost due east. You can see that the sun has risen over the horizon, but it hasn't yet breached the mountains - my horizon - so we're left with the pearly pink light of the earliest morning.

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