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4/1/09 Games Night (with pictures!)

Here's another long-overdue Spring Camp post. :)

Wednesday night, we had a session of "American Games". One of the biggest hits was Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Dinosaur. Wait, you mean Pin the Tail on the Donkey, right? Donkeys are actually really common in Morocco, and not widely respected. I don't think they're unclean animals, but we didn't want to get into it. Also, none of us knew how to draw a donkey, but Jonathan had confidence in his dino-drawing skills. Justified confidence, obviously:

Note that this shows the the tail in its correct position. It's coated on the backside with masking tape curls, for easy removal and re-attachment. :)

So we blindfolded the kids with handkerchiefs, spun them in circles, and watched the fun. Jonathan spun the boys, Erica spun the girls, and I took pictures.

Much fun was had by all. This little dude, Zakaria, threw himself enthusiastically into everything we did, from games to English lessons to everything else. :)

The next game we played was "Balloon Stomp." The picture shows us bringing the balloons down to the main room. (L-R: Erica, M'barak, Jonathan, Cara)

Kids tied balloons around their ankles, then did their best to step on everyone else's balloon without getting their own stomped. Our idea was that the winner would be the last person with an intact balloon tied to their ankle.

The kids turned out to be HIGHLY interested in competing, but not remotely interested in who won. They just liked the stomping. :)

...and there was great rejoicing. And even more stomping. :D

Our third "American Game" was musical chairs. Which turns out not to be particularly photogenic, which is why you get the picture of Hicham, playing his drum. We'd planned to use an iPod and sound system so that the kids could play while hearing American music...but it turned out that Hicham and his drum worked better and involved a lot less set-up. :)

In the other room, the kids were playing Pass-the-Orange and Egg Carry, neither of which I got pictures of, as well as...

BOWLING!! One rubber ball + 10 water bottles = big American-style fun. :D

We played the games for about an hour, then switched the kids between the rooms, played 'em all again, and a great time was had by all. :D

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  1. This is great! Thanks for sharing. I'm so glad that everyone had a good time. I've always thought that playing was a fantastic way to share culture.


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