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4/4/09 Life is a Bollywood Musical

OK, maybe not all of life. But Spring Camp certainly was. :D

Every time there was open space in the busy Camp schedule, somebody would flip on the sound system or even just pull out a drum, and suddenly everyone was bobbing their heads, shuffling their feet, shimmying their hips, and getting their groove thang on. :D Everyone. Male and female, young and old. (Or, more accurately, young and slightly-less-young. I don't think anybody at Spring Camp, including the full staff, was over 30.)

Even spaces on the schedule originally filled by ... any scheduled activity ... could instantly revert to a dance party. Introductory Session? Dance party. Aerobics cool-down? Dance party. Music class post-activity time-filler? Dance party. "Moroccan Games Night"? Dance party. Waiting for dinner to start? Dance party. When in doubt, assume the kids are dancing to music provided by the Moroccan staff.

The first time it happened, the American staff - aka the six PCVs teaching English classes and leading "Clubs" - chuckled to each other. The second time, we still found it funny. By the third time, we had a standing joke: We live in a Bollywood musical.

But so what if you can't understand the lyrics, let alone why everyone has burst into dance for the fifth time in the day...just shake, stomp, shimmy, and smile! :D

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