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7/24/09 Snapshot: Lizard

Riding in a 16-passenger van (aka a transit): 25 passengers.

Standing in the middle of the road: a lizard.

A small lizard.

Light brown.

Unusually broad head for a lizard; reminds me of the wedge shape of a poisonous snake, but it's attached to that ridiculous lizard body, not a gracefully curving stretch of solid muscle. (I admit it, I like snakes.)

Stray thought: is it just me, or do lizards look a little bit like minature dachsunds? That long, lean body on top of super stubby little legs?

This small, light-brown, wedge-headed, weiner-dog-lookin' lizard perches in the middle of the road. He edges his body forwards and backwards, forwards and backwards, feet stuck to the ground but body weight shifting forwards and backwards, for all the world like a car trying to rock itself out of the mud, or a kid winding up a Hot Wheels truck.


...and he's off, scurrying to the edge of the road, stubby legs appearing to pinwheel from the shoulder (hip?) as he rockets forwards...

...unaware of the giant van hurtling directly towards him.

His trajectory and that of the van's front left tire head towards an inevitable collision...

To Be Continued...

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