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3/2/10 RPCV Info

Feel free to skip this one, folks; it’s straight-up reference information that I want to know I have access to, wherever I am. (Well, assuming I have internet access, which is mostly a given in the US, right?)

The Returned Volunteer Services staff in Washington are all RPCVs and have lots of post-Peace-Corps resources and other stuff I’ll want to have access to:

  • Hotline Jobs Bulletin – A semimonthly bulletin of career, educational, and reentry information and opportunities.
  • RPCVnetwork Listserve – A daily listserv for PCVs and RPCVs only, with career, volunteer, and educational opportunities around the world.
  • Career Events – For a calendar of upcoming in-person and virtual career events, visit
    • Career conferences – Hands-on workshops, employer visits, and a career fair help RPCVs plan their professional development. Held in Washington, DC, 3 times a year.
    • Online career workshops – Free web-based sessions offered 3 times a year.
    • Employer information sessions – Hosted by organizations interested in hiring RPCVs to promote their missions and opportunities.
  • Resource Guides – Publications focused on grad school and professional opportunities.
  • Job Bulletins – RPCVs can request free online passwords to six job bulletins. For passwords, email rvs - at - peacecorps - dot - gov. Specify which job bulletins you would like to receive and include your name, country, and dates of service.
    • International Career Employment Weekly
    • Environmental Career Opportunities
    • Public Health Jobs Worldwide
    • Alliance for Conflict Transformation
    • Ethical Jobs
    • InterAction
  • Self-Assessment Software – Peace Corps-licensed SIGI3, a tool designed to help assess your work-related values, interests, and skills. To request an account, email rvs - at - peacecorps - dot - gov and include your name, country, and dates of service.
  • Career Centers – A career center with job postings, resource books, computers, etc are available at the recruiting office in Rosslyn, VA, and in other regional recruiting offices throughout the US. Call 1-800-424-8580, x1, to reach any regional recruiting office. RPCV Career Center 202-692-1433 rpcvcareercenter - at - peacecorps - dot - gov

They can also hook me up with copies of:

  • My Description of Service
  • My W-2s
  • My Peace Corps medical records
  • Information about medical coverage
  • Career-Development Resources
  • Information about Non-Competetitive Eligibility (NCE) for federal employment

How to reach them:

Returned Volunteer Services, Office of Domestic Programs

1111 20th Street NW

Washington, DC 20526


rvs - at - peacecorps - dot - gov

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