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3/8/10 Looking Ahead

Quote of the Month: "I have plans A through frickin' J."

During our COS conference, folks from my stage had plenty of opportunities to discuss post-Peace Corps plans. A few of us have clear things lined up, whether they be work, grad school, or just moving back to mom and dad's couch for a while. Most of us, though, have various irons in various fires. I have a Plan A and a Plan B, but as yet no Plan C. And my buddy, well...

I guess some of us plan for everything. :)

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  1. Bill Moyers, Peace Corps' first Deputy Director, said in part:

    "The men and women whose memory we honor today
    would not wish us to be sentimental, to make heroic
    their living or to bestow martyrdom on their dying. No, we
    are here for our sake, not theirs.. ..for in remembrance is
    the secret of redemption. Welcome, then, to this celebration
    of remembrance for a gift of vision and values.
    "We are struggling today with the imperative of a new
    understanding of patriotism and citizenship. The Peace
    Corps has been showing us the way, and the Volunteers
    and staff whom we honor this morning are the vanguard of that journey.
    "We knew from the beginning that the Peace Corps was
    not an agency, program or mission. Now we know, from
    those who lived and died for it, that it is a way of being in
    the world . . .and it is the gift they gave us.
    "Sargent Shriver once gave me a copy of Chaim Potok's book, The Promise. I was deeply moved by what I read,and one passage in particular I underlined and over the years have come back to drink from its wisdom. This is it:
    'Human beings don't live forever, Reuven. We live less than the time it takes to blink an eye, if we measure
    our lives against eternity. So it may be asked what value there is to human life. There is so much pain in
    the world. What does it mean to have to suffer so much if our lives are nothing more than a blink of an eye.. . I learned a long time ago, Reuven, that a blink of the eye itself is nothing. But the eye that blinks, that is something. A span of life is nothing. But the man (or woman) who lives that span, (they) are something.
    They can fill that tiny span with memory, so that its quality is immeasurable.' And so they have."


Think local. Act global. Learn more about the Peace Corps