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September 14, 2008 Ramadan update

I’ve tried different ways of getting my three meals a day during Ramadan, none hugely successful. I think I’m settling in on having a dinner-sized meal at l-fdrt, the fast-breaking sunset meal, some light food or snacks just before bedtime, and then breakfast-y foods (bread, yogurt, fruit) at saghor, the 3am pre-dawn meal. A couple of times I found myself really gorging at l-fdrt, but I think that was a phase. And some days it’s easier than others to get up for saghor, but I’ve only completely skipped it (I think) twice.

Oh, and I’ve learned more about the travelers’ exemption: apparently, the Prophet said that people who walk 18 km or more in a day can eat or drink as needed, but there is no universal agreement as to how that applies to travel in the 21st century. Some people think that anyone who is away from home is exempt from fasting, others interpret it much more strictly. But everyone agrees that any days you don’t fast during Ramadan, whatever your excuse/exemption, you need to make up later. Some make them up immediately after the 3id al-Fitr, others wait and make them up over the course of the next year. But it’s pretty universally agreed that everyone owes God 28 fasting days per year.

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