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July 1, 2008 Mail!

After a bone-dry week ( :( ), I received not one, not two, but FOUR packages today. :D Two from Peace Corps, and two from the US.

And two letters, including one of the most gorgeous wedding invitations I’ve ever seen. [Update: Mail two days later included one of the most entertaining wedding invitations I’ve ever seen. I love my friends!]

I’ve been in a happy-skippy mood all afternoon. :)

There was Macaroni and Cheese, there were M&Ms (in two packages, one that I could keep for myself and one that I could share with my host family!), there were books, there were chocolate chips and brown sugar (chocolate chip cookies, here I come!!), there were colored pencils, there were toys, there were letters from loved ones… It was pretty doggoned fantastic, really.

Made my Ama’s day, too; she watched me open the packages (for the second time – I’d opened them for the first time in my apartment, where I squirreled away the M&C and cookie fixings) and it was like watching a kid at Christmas. She was so delighted to see what people had sent me! And she said she felt sorry for my friends and family back in the States, because they don’t get to see me. Awww…

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